Jeroen Hermkens (1960) did his training at the Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten (Academy of Visual Arts) in Utrecht and at the Atelier Champfleury in Paris.

In 1996 he was awarded the graphic art prize for his lithographs in the Netherlands. His paintings (oil on canvas) and lithographs are regularly on display both at home and abroad.

"My work is the result of my fascination with the urban environment. My focus is not on the people in the streets but rather on the bare bones of each place, its streets, its bridges, the inconspicuous half forgotten and unglamorous 'worn patches' of each city. Here Jeroen Hermkens finds the true soul of each place which he has chosen to capture. I do not try to depict these surroundings realistically, it's rather the way I experience a particular place. Nor are my artworks townscapes; they are more like portraits of a city. I try to capture the essence of a town. What is it like, what does it smell like and what does it feel like to be there? What interests me is the overall atmosphere. Colours play a major role here. For me, every city has its own colour, which is determined by far more than just the climate. Feelings, like boredom or admiration, can also play a role. If it is a hot, but dull country, then the print might be green. With colours I'm able to show my sense of the city. In fact, my work is closer to Expressionism than Realism. Like the Expressionists, I want to stimulate the viewer's fantasy, so that viewers can discover their own images in my work."
Jeroen Hermkens has been awarded with the Dutch "Artist of the Year 2006" award.
In 2009 and 2010 he traveled around the world for dredging company van Oord and painted the Koos van Oord Art Collection wich was presented in De Kunsthal, Rotterdam.
Since 2011 nudes and portraits appeared in his work.
In 2013 a series of lithographs was achieved bij the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

Jeroen Hermkens, kunst en werk (DocU)

Hermkens gave masterclasses at artschools at Java.
His exposition in the Erasmushuis will continue at other places in Java.

From Februari till july 2015 he will work as artist in residence in  the Jeruzalemkapel.
He is working on views and women of Gouda.

Tour de France
For the Grand Départ of the Tour the France in Utrecht in july 2015 he made some paintings and lithographs.

Van Oord dredging company is specialized in wind energy at sea. Hermkens is following these works with his sketchbook.